plant based skincare that works!
plant based skincare that works!
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Who else want more Brighter, Hydrated, Illuminated & Smoother skin?

>>> And finally get rid of dry, tired and unlively dull skin <<<

Can’t get enough of boba tea?
Introducing the 1st Boba Tea inspired Skincare, now you can complete your boba obsession with Lovera’s new all-natural Boba Tea Hydrating & Brightening Skincare set.
Just like the color of rich creamy milk in all boba teas, this treatment set is formulated thoroughly to transform dull skin to more glowy and brighter skin.

With the combination of alpha arbutin, green tea, aloe vera and papaya, expect the skin to receive abundant amount of hydration and skin-brightening effect which will result in glowing and bouncy skin all day long without the need of regular touch up.
Boba Tea Hydrating & Brightening Skincare set consists of 4 carefully curated products to help you achieve those luminous and moist skin efficiently every time you use it.

Who REALLY need this?

  •  Those who are still struggling with dull and dry skin
  •  Those who are always exposed to outside pollution which contributes to rapid skin ageing and inevitable dull and unlively skin
  •  Those who wants extreme moisture and glow with easy-to-follow steps.
  •  Those who want to brighten skin and expect dewy and glowy effect as a result.

Follow this easy #IlluminatingSkinPlan to achieve best result