plant based skincare that works!
plant based skincare that works!
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Breakout Set Box
Breakout Set Box
Lovera SG

Breakout Set Box

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1 x Magic Jelly

1 Lovera Complete Cleanser

1 x Lovera Day Cream


  1. Cleanse face with Lovera Complete Cleanser twice a day
  2. Apply Magic Jelly as moisturiser (Magic Jelly also have the power to enhance skin appearance hence making your skin looks more glowy)
  3. Apply Lovera Day Cream daily before going out for extra protection from the sun (SPF) (LDC also have the ability to wipe off acne from your skin)


  1. With consistent use of this set , you will feel that your skin texture become smoother and clear from blemishes such as pimples , scars and tiny bumps.
  2. Your skin will become supple , bouncy. Dry and oily skin will be replace with moisturise and healthy skin.
  3. Pimples will go away & your skin complexion will become better than before.