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Milky Magic Jelly
Milky Magic Jelly
Lovera SG

Milky Magic Jelly

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Milky Magic Jelly Multi Targeted Skin Enhancing Gel Cream
Brightening & Hydration Booster


  • Effectively brighten the skin naturally with Alpha Arbutin. 
  • Supply mega hydration to the skin leaving it looking bouncy and fresh all day. 
  • Shea butter locks the moisture, soften skin and increase skin elasticity
  • Delay sign of aging such as saggy skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles, crow feets, and dull skin
  • Tighten skin texture leaving you with youthful features
  • Protect from free radical that cause your skin which is damaging to skin and prevent speeding up of the aging process
  • Calm stress skin due to pollution, breakout and sensitivity
  • Increase the strength of skin barrier and prevent any skin damage in the future
  • Minimize the appearance of pores making your skin looks smooth and velvety. 
  • With so much hydration, it will leave your skin looking dewy and radiant instantly
  • Transform dull skin into glowy and radiant complexion! 

From nature to your skin, our skin-loving formulation:
🌱 Alpha Arbutin
🌱 Aloe Vera
🌱 Centella asiatiaca (pegaga)
🌱 Camellia sinesis
🌱 Licorice
🌱 Niacinamide
🌱 Rosemary
🌱 Chamomile
🌱 Shea Butter
🌱 Japanese Knotweed

Suitable for those

  • Those who lives in the city that is constantly expose to air pollution
  • Always expose to sun that accelerate skin aging and dry skin
  • Want to get rid of stubborn dull skin
  • Want dewy and glowing skin all day long
  • Cant stand having tired and stressful skin
  • Want to clear all acne that keep on popping up
  • Want to protect skin from premature skin aging like wrinkles , saggy skin , extremely dry skin and pigmentation


How long before i can see visible result? 
For the skincare to work, one must use it consistently for at least 30 days. Result may varies individually due to various factors

What is Alpha Arbutin and why does it works as natural skin brightener? 
Alpha arbutin is extracted from berries and much more safer than hydroquinone. It reduce the production of melanin which makes the skin brighter. Most skincare use Alpha arbutin to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scars and get rid of dull skin. 

My skin is sensitive. Is Milky MJ suitable for me?
Milky MJ is formulated with skin calming ingredients like centalla asiatiaca , aloe vera and chamomile that can calm irritated skin and soothe down itchiness and tingling sensation.

I already have a moisturiser. Can i use both?
Yes! In fact , using products that have so much moisturising properties will be booster to each other benefits to the skin.